In the midst of an ongoing national debate about how best to handle rising bike-vehicle traffic, Honda Motor Co. announced that it has nearly 3,200 production and logistics facilities in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

    The company has nearly a half-million employees in the state, and has been investing heavily in new facilities and technology to support its expansion.

    In Ohio, Honda’s manufacturing operations are located in Columbus, Akron, Dayton, Toledo, and Columbus.

    These locations were chosen because they have the right combination of geography, infrastructure, and workforce.

    Ohio has the highest density of Honda factories per capita, with more than 50 percent of the company’s manufacturing workforce in the Ohio Valley, according to Honda’s 2016 Annual Corporate Report.

    It also has the third highest concentration of auto manufacturers per capita after the states of California and Arizona.

    Honda Motor Co., which is headquartered in Columbus and manufactures its bikes and trucks in Japan, has expanded in the past several years.

    Last year, the company announced it would begin production of the Honda Fit in the United States.

    This is Honda’s second U.S. production facility, and the first for the Fit.

    The plant in the Columbus, Ohio suburb of Canton has been fully operational since last June, and is now producing the Fit with Honda’s new Fit EV, which it hopes to roll out in 2020.

    The automaker is planning to open a third Ohio factory later this year to help meet demand for the next generation Fit.

    HMC has invested heavily in its logistics network to handle the increasing demand for its vehicles, and it expects to have more than 5,000 employees in its Ohio plant by 2020.HMC says that its Columbus and Canton facilities are among the most efficient and cost-effective in the country, and they are well positioned to meet the growing demand for Honda vehicles in the U.


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