It looks like the folks at Activision and Respawn are preparing to roll out a bunch of new sci-fi-themed FPS titles soon.

    The new title from the developers behind the popular FPS Destiny is slated to be released in early 2018.

    In a post on the developer’s official forums, the developers wrote that the new title will be “a single-player FPS with an open-world that will allow you to play across multiple platforms”.

    “Destiny: A New Reckoning” will feature a new gameplay mechanic that will give you the option to switch between multiple weapons.

    This mechanic will allow for customization of the weapon loadout and also allow for customization of your character, allowing for different tactics, tactics and strategies to be used in the campaign mode, the post reads.

    “In addition, this game will offer you a new and unique way to engage with the world of Destiny through the use of new gameplay elements,” the post continued.

    “For example, the ability to jump into a building to explore and take control of your ship.

    Or you can use the ship’s doors to teleport to a location.”

    The game is also said to have a multiplayer component that will feature cooperative, co-op and team play.

    The developer added that it’s been in the works for a while, and the new game will be out in early-2019.

    We already know that Respawn and Activision are working on new multiplayer shooters, and it looks like this new title is also headed to that genre.

    In an interview with GamesRadar, the developer of “Aerotech: The Future’s Edge”, David Goyer, the executive producer of “Destiny”, mentioned that the team is working on a new “action-based” shooter called “Aero”.

    “We’re making a new game for the first time, it’s an action-based shooter, and we’re looking at it from a completely different angle,” he said.

    “There are a lot of things that we can do with the technology that we haven’t done with other action games before, so there’s a lot we’re working on that we think will add to the experience, and also to the replayability,” Goyer said.


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