A few years ago, I wrote a blog post detailing a scam that involved fake parts on an SUV, the car, and my wife’s apartment.

    I wrote that the car was made in a factory in India, but that the parts were manufactured in China.

    I was right.

    But now, there are a number of people that are claiming that the fake parts were purchased by the factory. 

    “I was fooled by this scammer,” said one Facebook user.

    “He made up a company name that sounded like a company that had been operating in India and used that company name to contact the seller.

    He also had a fake address in Delhi.

    “We were not fooled.” “

    The scammer was a regular person who got into a lot of trouble, but this person was more experienced and was able to make up stories that were really easy to believe,” he continued.

    “We were not fooled.” 

    One of the Facebook users who told me about this scam said, “It’s easy to find out the real name of the company you are buying from when you look at the website. 

    The company name on the website is actually the name of a real company that has a legitimate business in India.

    They are in India.” 

    The scam happened in December 2015, when a group of people came to my house to buy a Jeep Wrangler. 

    My wife, who has owned the Jeep for almost 20 years, was surprised to find a “real” Jeep Wranglers in the backseat of the truck. 

    I drove my Jeep Wranger to a dealership in New York and told the dealer the name, description, and make of the vehicle. 

    After the sale, the dealership told the owner that it had found the vehicle in India that it claimed belonged to a real Jeep manufacturer, and that the owner could contact the company directly. 

    As a result, my wife and I drove to a mall in New Jersey, and found the real Jeep Wrangers there. 

     The real Jeep was in good shape.

    It was well equipped with a 4-speed transmission, the air conditioning, airbags, a power roof rack, and was in perfect condition. 

    But as I drove by, the Jeep Wrangs looked like they had been repainted, and there were parts missing. 

    This is what the dealer said: “There are several scratches on the vehicle, the paint is not the same as we had purchased, and we are not sure what the real company is.” 

    “The vehicle is not in perfect working condition,” the dealership continued. 

    When I told the dealership that I had no idea what the actual vehicle was, the dealer explained that the company was not in business with them and that I would have to call the manufacturer. 

    Within two hours, the owner of the dealership contacted me, and the real Jeeps were in my hands. 

    For a few days, I drove around looking for the real owners, but the Jeep was still there.

    So I called the dealership, who assured me that it was in fact a genuine Jeep Wrange, but did not want to tell me the real owner’s name. 

    In the end, I contacted the dealership and gave them the name and contact information of the real manufacturer.

    The dealership called me back a few weeks later, and after some time, the real factory contacted me. 

    What’s the big deal?

    I asked myself, what does the real car company care? 

    “There is no real reason to bother with this,” said the dealership.

    “The only reason you should bother is if you have any questions about the vehicle.” 

    I was able find out what the original owner of my Jeep was, and what the factory told me was that he had contacted the real brand. 

    Then, I emailed the real seller and got a response. 

    He told me that he was in contact with the real production company, and had offered to send me a video of the Jeep’s interior. 

    It turns out that the real maker of the Jeeps is a company called Siemens, Inc. (also known as Siemens), a division of Siemens, one of the world’s biggest automotive suppliers. 

    Semens has a long history of selling parts to car companies and other automotive companies, and recently, has been involved in a number car scams. 

    However, the fact that it is a subsidiary of Siemers means that the seller of the fake Jeeps has to be connected to the real supplier of the parts. 

    Here is what happened: In 2014, Siemens partnered with Hyundai to develop a hybrid-electric vehicle, and in 2015, Hyundai began supplying the powertrain for the car.

    After the partnership ended in 2017, Siemers started to supply the powertrains for other vehicles, including the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the BMW X3, and others.

    When the dealership of my original Jeep came to me


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