California is among the states reporting the largest numbers of infections and deaths from the virus, which is currently in the United States. 

    It’s not clear yet if that number is in the tens of thousands, but the state’s governor is urging the public to get vaccinated before the pandemic ends.

    The California Department of Public Health has released its own figures on the number of cases, but it only includes those that occurred in counties outside the state.

    Statewide, the number is 5,854 cases, according to the state Health Department. 

    This is in addition to more than 4,300 confirmed cases in California as of Monday, according the department. 

    A total of 6,873 people in California have died from the coronavirus, according on the state Department of Health website.

    More than 4.3 million Californians have been diagnosed with the virus.

    Here’s how to get the vaccine: Get the vaccine at most health care facilities or through the state vaccine exchange.

    The vaccine is a four-dose vaccine, which includes two doses.

    Health officials recommend two doses, which are given at home.

    A fourth dose, called an inactivated vaccine, is only given in the hospital.

    This vaccine is available at pharmacies and health care centers.

    It will cost $60 for two doses and $130 for a third.

    The first dose will be given in December, and the second dose is due in February.

    Health officials also recommend that people who have been vaccinated be vaccinated in person or by mail, but that they wait until a few weeks after receiving the second shot.

    Vaccination clinics in the state are open during the pandemics peak times of the month.

    The outbreak was first detected in California in January.

    It has spread throughout the country.

    As of Wednesday, the United Kingdom and Canada have reported their first confirmed cases. 

    The US has reported at least two confirmed cases, including a man who tested positive for the virus on January 5. 

    There are at least 1,938 confirmed cases and more than 1,600 deaths in the US as of Wednesday.


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