The world’s biggest mattress maker Bemis has made an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to the pricey premium brands, it was announced on Tuesday.

    The new mattress, made by French company Fonthier, has been described by some as the “new mattresses” and is being marketed to women and men, as well as older adults, for its low-maintenance design.

    It uses biodegradable material, and the mattress has a built-in pillow to help protect against cold.

    It is being launched in Europe this summer and will be available to buy in Europe in late autumn.

    It will cost €150 (US$200) for the 60-person version and €300 (US $350) for 100-person versions.

    The mattress is also available for those who want a more modern option. It costs €250 (US, £180) for 60- and 100-day versions and €350 (US and £400) for 180-day models.

    The new mattresses are a collaboration between Bemis and mattress makers Faber-Castell and Sankyo, which were also the first to offer a similar mattress to the market.

    They are the only two mattress makers in the world to use an organic fibre-based material in the construction of their mattresses, and their product has been praised for its durability and quality.

    Fonthiers main competitors are Bemis, which manufactures the premium brands as well.

    Its new mattress, which will be launched in August, is designed to be used by those who are overweight or with a lower body mass index (BMI) because of their metabolic demands.

    Its design is more eco-conscious than the premium mattresses and comes in three different versions, including the 60mm, 90mm and 120mm versions, which cost between €300 and €400 (US).

    It will be sold by Fonths company in France, with a worldwide launch planned for next year. 

    It is not clear how many people will be able to buy the new mattress.


    Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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