xtra manufacturing is a way to manufacture goods in a way that minimises waste, increase productivity and deliver better returns for investors.

    “The key to creating an efficient, cost-effective and cost-competitive manufacturing system is the right mix of manufacturing and supply chain management,” Professor Kwon Hwan told Business Insider.

    It’s a tricky concept to understand, as it’s a combination of many different elements.

    First, the way in which products are produced is important.

    The manufacturing system needs to be able to handle all of the different inputs and outputs of the products.

    For instance, it can’t just pick and choose which parts are manufactured in a particular factory and how they’re assembled.

    Second, it needs to support a company’s supply chain.

    A well-designed supply chain can provide a level of efficiency that’s hard to achieve by just picking and choosing the inputs.

    Third, it’s essential to support the manufacturing process in a cost-efficient way.

    All of these things need to be aligned to make it easy for the buyer to buy.

    So what is the ideal manufacturing system?

    The perfect manufacturing system must support the following: 1. 

    A manufacturing system that supports a high level of automation and innovation.

    If automation and efficiency are the keys to success, a manufacturing system should be able and willing to make use of automation to achieve better returns.


    Automation should be a core part of the manufacturing system.

    Automation will allow manufacturers to build systems that can deliver higher efficiencies, while also being able to use automation to reduce costs.


    Manufacturing systems should be designed to allow manufacturers the flexibility to switch from a single factory to multiple factories at a time, while still maintaining the integrity of the product.


    The manufacturing process needs to take place in a manner that maximises the use of inputs and output.

    In other words, the system should not just produce a product, but it needs also to allow the input and output to be used.


    An optimal manufacturing system will also allow the system to deliver higher returns on investments, as well as reduce costs by using automation to produce products.

    This is the second part of our interview with Professor Kwan Hwan.

    We wanted to ask him about the role of automation in the manufacturing industry.

    How could the manufacturing sector move from the past to the future?

    What does automation mean in the context of the future of the Australian manufacturing sector?

    We were talking to Professor Kwong Hwan about the future implications of automation, and what we can expect in the coming years.

    What do you think the future holds for Australia’s manufacturing sector as automation becomes more pervasive?

    Can Australia avoid the pitfalls that are currently plaguing the industry?

    How do you see Australia’s industrial sector going forward?


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