Australia’s gun industry is on the verge of a “death spiral”, as the industry is “dying by the millions” as gun owners struggle to find a replacement for the popular firearms.

    The annual Industry Data Report, released today, found gun owners in Australia have fallen by a third since 2008, with the industry’s share of total firearm ownership falling from 43 per cent to 28 per cent between 2014 and 2019.

    Key points:The report shows gun ownership in Australia is falling by more than 30 per cent since the start of the decadeThere are almost 7,000 guns in Australia and the industry has fallen by more that 30 per-centSince 2007, gun ownership has fallen from 41 per cent of Australians’ overall ownership to 28.6 per centSource: Australian Industry Group reportThe report also found there were almost 730,000 licensed firearms holders in Australia, up from 627,000 in the early years of the survey.

    The industry’s numbers have plummeted since then, with about 7,500 gun owners remaining in the country in 2019, down from almost 14,000 at the beginning of the year.

    “We are seeing a massive and unsustainable fall in firearm ownership,” Gary Naughton, chief executive of the Australian Industry Association (AIA), said in a statement.

    “A key component of the AIA’s vision is for Australia to be a world leader in firearm control and safety.”

    The AIA is committed to a safer and healthier society, but this is not about taking away guns, it’s about taking guns away from people who are not capable of using them safely.

    “In terms of gun ownership, the report showed a significant fall in the number of firearm owners in the past three years, from 14.4 million to 13.7 million.

    While the decline was not as dramatic as the gun manufacturers, it was still “considerable”, with gun owners falling by about 20 per cent.

    “[Gun owners] are struggling to find any meaningful replacement for their guns.””

    We see the gun ownership rate falling from 42 per cent in 2007 to just 25 per cent now,” Mr Naughtons said.

    “[Gun owners] are struggling to find any meaningful replacement for their guns.”

    They are being forced to accept that they will be replaced.

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