One of the best ways to reduce your medication costs is to go to a drugstore and buy a remdeivir tablet.

    The generic version, sold by generics manufacturer Pharmascience, costs about $1.80 a pill, and it comes in various colours.

    In Canada, that translates to about $600 a month.

    In the U.S., however, it can be about $500 a month, said John Ahern, a pharmacist at the B.C. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The generic version is available at most pharmacy chains and can be purchased online for about $15 to $20, he said.

    But it’s not the only way to reduce the cost of your medication.

    In a recent survey by the Centre for Health Security, some people in Canada who had remdevir on the doctor’s prescription said they were willing to pay a bit more to get the drug for less money.

    About 40 per cent said they would pay $20 or less for the drug, according to the survey.

    “I have a friend who is very old, so she had to wait for a prescription until she got her next shot of it,” said Stephanie Fazekas, an associate professor of nursing at the University of Alberta, who participated in the survey with her colleague.

    “If she was going to pay $60 a month for the pill, that would be a lot of money.

    So I think there are other ways to save money.

    “Remdesiv is not as expensive as some people think it is,” said Andrew Bales, executive director of the Canadian Medical Association, in an interview. “

    But I think it’s also an investment in your health and your mental health, so it’s something that you can do if you can afford it.”

    “Remdesiv is not as expensive as some people think it is,” said Andrew Bales, executive director of the Canadian Medical Association, in an interview.

    “It is certainly not a prescription medication.

    Remdesiv costs more than the generic version.

    It costs more per dose than the brand name.

    But there are a lot more generics available and cheaper generic versions available.”

    Bales said if you need to get your medication in the mail and it is expensive to buy, you can usually get the generic at a pharmacy.

    “The brand name brand-name drug is a lot less expensive than the generics version, because the generins are cheaper,” he said in an email.

    In Canada, if you do not have insurance, you could try getting a generic version from a pharmacy that is part of the Pharmascientists Association of Canada.

    A spokesperson for the association, which represents about 600 pharmacists, said it had received reports of a number of pharmacists taking remdesvir.

    They are encouraging pharmacists to seek out a generic drug from the pharmacy and not pay full price for it, she said.

    “The Pharmasciences Association has also received reports that some pharmacies may be accepting remdesviir from pharmacists who have not yet completed the pharmacy’s annual review,” the spokesperson said.

    “We have also received several reports that pharmacists may have been receiving remdesvir for less on the pharmacy bill than it was on the generic drug.”


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