The best way to get a fire truck to the market is to go to the best places in the world to make them.

    That’s exactly what a new program called Fire Truck Builder will do.

    The program will use a combination of local, national, and international manufacturing partners to bring together the best companies in the business.

    In a sense, it’s like Amazon buying a car dealership to build a Fire Truck, according to a press release.

    It’s a partnership that, at least in the short term, looks to be working.

    “We’re excited to have the Fire TruckBuilder program in Arizona and look forward to building on this partnership with the Phoenix manufacturing facility to help build the next generation of fire trucks,” Phoenix Fire Chief Steve Guevara said in a statement.

    It also looks like the program is starting to pay off.

    The company is currently making 3,000 trucks for Firefighters across Arizona.

    It will expand to Phoenix in early 2019, and it has plans to add New Mexico, Texas, and Texas A&M.

    As for why the Phoenix Fire Department would want to build fire trucks, Guevaras is vague, but the Fire Department does have some very specific needs: “It is our duty to serve our citizens and our communities, and we need fire trucks to do so.”

    But there’s no telling how this partnership will go.

    The Fire Department is looking for funding for a “fire truck builder,” which is essentially an engineer.

    In this case, Gizmodo reports that the Fire Departments funding will be used for “a few different things,” including “new and refurbished equipment, as well as a training program, which will provide training on new and used Fire Truck building processes and fire safety and security.”

    Hopefully, the partnership will prove to be a boon for Phoenix, as this could be the first real fire truck builder program to come to fruition.

    The goal is to get Phoenix Fire trucks to market as soon as 2020.

    There’s a lot of potential for the program, but Gueva says he’s also looking to build more partnerships with local businesses, such as those involved in the local clothing industry.

    “It’s a perfect opportunity for local businesses to help us get the most bang for our buck, which is something we’re always looking for,” he said.


    Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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