The world’s biggest apartment maker has announced a breakthrough in its manufacturing of printed manufactured homes, an advanced manufacturing technology that can save more than $1,000 per square foot of space on the market.

    The world’s largest apartment maker, Apartment Therapy, has partnered with a new manufacturer called Printable Manufacturing to offer new printed manufactured products for its customers.

    The new products can be installed in an existing manufactured home or a newly-built one.

    It is a new way to build homes with printed manufactured materials, and it is a first step towards providing a more efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for apartment building, said the company’s CEO and founder, Yossi Kukal.

    In fact, Printable manufactured home has a lower energy consumption and is more energy efficient than traditional manufactured home, said Kukall, who added that it can be a better option for new construction than existing manufactured homes.

    “Printable manufactured homes are more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly than existing built homes, and the company is working with a manufacturer in the United States to introduce it to the market,” he said.

    “These are the kinds of developments that are necessary for the future of our industry,” he added.

    Kukall said that the company will make printed manufactured housing available to all its customers in the near future, including Apartment Therapist and other online and brick and mortar locations.

    Kushner and Kukalla said that Printable’s products can provide a better experience to its customers, and that it will be easier for them to install these products in existing homes than it is for them in new built homes.

    Printable will make the printed manufactured home available through its own website in the coming weeks, Kukala said.

    The new product is available in a wide range of sizes from 12-foot-wide to 50-foot wide, and is made of materials that can be purchased in a variety of sizes, including paper, foam, glass, metal and even wood.

    The company plans to expand the range of products to include printed manufactured goods for both residential and commercial use.

    Kuzal said that ApartmentTherapist’s current manufactured home customers have included both commercial and residential clients.

    “We know that the most important thing to our clients is to have a good experience, and we see that in printable manufactured housing as a way to do that,” he explained.

    Kuyala said that when it comes to the materials used in Printable manufacturing, the company looks at both the cost and quality of the materials as well as the material itself, adding that the material is environmentally friendly.

    “It is the most environmentally-sustainable material in the world, and as a result, it is less energy-intensive than other manufactured materials,” he noted.


    Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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