LYNOSOL is an Indian pharma company that was started by two sisters.

    They wanted to make a new way to manufacture medicines, so they began to think about how to make them cheaper, faster and with less wastage.

    They went to a factory in Gujarat and created LYNO, or Lifeline for Indira Gandhi, which is the name of the brand.

    LYNODI, LYNOPHY and LYNOSS are the companies’ other brands.LYNOL has been making medicines in India since 1962, when its founder was born in the town of Bhagalpur in Madhya Pradesh.

    It started making a range of products from medicines, medicines of the body, medicines to be taken in tablets and other things, in the 1980s.

    LYSOL, which means lifeline in Hindi, is the company’s main brand.

    In 2011, LYSO, the second most profitable drug company, was bought by UnitedHealth Group, the parent of UnitedHealth and Aetna.

    The deal was worth more than $6 billion.

    The family started the company with just two employees and sold it to Pfizer in 2012.

    LYNDOL became a global leader in the manufacture of oral medicines and has also been the first company to make tablets, which are a major source of healthcare spending.

    LYLNDOL, the brand for LYNOSTEAD, is sold in India.

    The brand has been acquired by Pfizer.

    In India, LYNOL is the biggest pharma manufacturer and the worlds second most valuable pharmaceutical company behind GlaxoSmithKline.

    Its shares have surged almost 10% in the last two years, up to around $60 per share.

    The company is currently working on a $60 billion revamp of the company.

    It has already invested about $30 billion in manufacturing and is looking to invest more.

    It is investing $1 billion more in India and plans to double the investment by 2020.

    The company is also working on creating a new type of oral medication that is more affordable and effective, and that can be used for a long time, said Rajesh Sharma, chief operating officer, LYLNY.


    Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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