In the United States, the ATF has been working to get gun makers to change the way they manufacture guns, so that they comply with new federal laws that aim to curb gun violence.

    But the NRA is concerned that the ATF may be trying to restrict gun sales by manufacturers in order to keep their profits.

    “They’re using this as an excuse to make it easier for the criminals,” said James Andrews, president of the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action.

    The new law requires gun manufacturers to put a label on their products that says they will not sell firearms to anyone who is convicted of a felony, has been sentenced to a felony or has been ordered to serve a mandatory minimum prison term.

    “If the gun is not in good working order, they’re supposed to fix it,” Andrews said.

    “The law is not on the ATF’s side.”

    The ATF says the labels will prevent criminals from selling guns to people who are prohibited from buying guns, such as fugitives or people who have a felony conviction.

    But that’s not the case in all states.

    There is no requirement that manufacturers put a “do not sell” label on guns in every state.

    Some states have no labeling requirement, while others have strict requirements.

    The ATF has also launched a campaign to encourage gun makers in states with strict gun laws to put an “NFA (non-transferable ownership)” label on firearms, which can be found on the side of the gun.

    “When you buy a firearm, you are entering into a legal transaction,” said ATF Director Thomas Curry.

    “It’s an individual transaction, and you should be able to get rid of that transaction in your lifetime if you want to.

    If a dealer doesn’t want to take it off your hands, then you have no choice but to go back and re-enter the transaction.”

    States with the most restrictive gun laws have also been hardest hit by gun violence, with the NRA reporting that some states had more homicides than the U.S. average in 2013.

    That could be because gun sales have been slow in some states, particularly in the Midwest and South, and because many of the states with the highest rates of gun violence have been relatively new to the national gun scene.

    “There’s a real sense that the NRA and its allies in Congress are going to make things harder for the rest of us,” Andrews told ABC News.

    “But it’s a battle they have to fight, and I don’t think we’re going to lose that battle.”


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