More than 50 million Americans have access to affordable, high-quality food, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    The USDA has created a new program to help low-income Americans get their fruits and veggies back. 

    The program was created in the name of “revenues from fruits and vegetables” and aims to get more of the foods Americans eat back in our supermarkets and grocery stores.

    But there are many more food stamp recipients out there than meets the eye. 

    Here’s how to get your groceries and desserts back.


    Get rid of expired or expired food stamp coupons 2.

    Find food pantries that have low prices 3.

    Use the free Food Pantry app to find a local food pantry 4.

    Get an account with a food bank or food co-op 5.

    Get a free coupon card that will let you buy any of the following items: produce, fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs, meats, and dairy products.


    Get free or reduced price grocery delivery 7.

    Take advantage of the savings on grocery shopping at the grocery store by getting a $5 discount off the purchase of a gallon of milk or $1 off a package of bread.


    Get discounted shipping at your local supermarket and save money on the cost of your order 9.

    Use this app to track your grocery shopping progress and get free delivery tips.


    Buy products from the store for the lowest prices and get the same items for free 11.

    Use coupons to save money and get more for the same amount of money.


    Use free food stamp vouchers to get coupons on grocery items like fresh produce and meats.


    Use online coupons to get free or discounted food at the farmer’s market, a farmers market store, or any other farmers market.


    Get coupon cards for all your favorite groceries.


    Use these coupons to buy food for your family at a farmer’s sale or a farmers markets.


    Get coupons for a variety of foods, including fresh fruits, eggs and meat, fresh vegetables, and produce.


    Get discount coupons on fresh fruit and vegetable purchases at grocery stores, discount coupons for meat and poultry purchases, and discount coupons to redeem for discounted meat and/or poultry purchases.


    Use coupon cards to buy frozen food at farmers markets, frozen foods at the farmers market, and other retail locations.


    Get the latest news and coupons on local events and news that matter to you.


    Get discounts on gas and electricity, home improvement, and home goods.


    Get your food on the move to save on transportation costs.


    Use food stamps to get discounts on grocery store items like produce and meat.


    Use your food stamp card to get savings on groceries.


    Get low prices on groceries, savings on gas, and savings on home improvement.


    Get some coupons for free delivery and save on gas.


    Get groceries and other goods delivered to your home, apartment, or condo with free delivery.


    Get savings on food at a farmers’ market, farmers markets and a variety-driven farmers’ markets.


    Use discount coupons at grocery store and farmers’ fairs.


    Find free online coupons at farmers’ stands.


    Use to buy items online and save $20.


    Save money on grocery trips and save time.


    Get grocery shopping tips, including how to find discounted prices and deals on produce, meats and eggs.


    Use savings to get a free box of groceries.


    Save on gas by getting gas on the go with an Amazon Prime membership.


    Get help finding and buying the right products.


    Get new coupons and free shipping at grocery and local stores.


    Find and buy the best products at the best prices online.


    Find discounted food and produce in your local grocery store.


    Find products at farmers market farmers markets in your area.


    Get all your grocery and convenience shopping done in one place with Amazon Prime.


    Get tips on how to buy healthy and organic products online.


    Get more of your food, including coupons and tips for buying locally and locally sourced foods.


    Get advice on buying and keeping your groceries in your grocery cart.


    Find tips on shopping for groceries and coupons for buying organic groceries.


    Get information on how the food stamp program can help you save money, save time and get a great shopping experience.


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