Updated September 12, 2018 04:53:54 The world’s most efficient weapon for taking out bad guys could be making them.

    Key points:Drones have the ability to strike anywhere, but there are risks to using them in populated areasSource: ABC News | By: Adam DorninThe drone is the most efficient tool in the arsenal of bad guys, according to the US militaryThe Australian military says its Drones for Defence program is a real-life example of how drones could improve the lives of ordinary Australians.

    It is not yet clear how the US Army, US Navy or any other military could get to grips with drones in the same way the US or UK did.

    The Australian Defence Force is one of the few organisations in Australia that is not in the business of buying drones from the US, nor do they have the capability to use them in Australian cities.

    But there are some significant differences.

    The US military has a very robust system of surveillance drones and a fleet of Predators and Reaper drones.

    In the Australian context, the Navy has two small patrol boats.

    The Army’s system is more robust.

    Drones are also not the only way for the Australian military to deal with the threat of terrorism, but they are by far the most effective and they do more than kill people.

    “Drones, if used effectively, can help in both urban and rural areas,” Australian Defence Forces Brigadier General Brian Dolan said.

    “They can also provide a real deterrent to terrorist organisations that we don’t currently have.”

    We have an opportunity to do both, but the opportunity is to do it in a cost-effective manner.

    “Drones aren’t the only weapon for the US to useThe Australian program is being billed as the first major defence deal between the US and Australia.

    The deal is the brainchild of the US’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is responsible for developing new weapon systems.

    The DARPA contract is expected to be worth between $US150 million and $200 million.

    The project will involve a range of US military technology, from stealth drones to the Predator Reaper.

    Dolan says the drones are the best and most efficient way to deal as well as kill terrorists.”

    The Predator has a payload capacity of just over 100 kilograms, so a Predator drone will have a payload of less than one kilogram,” he said.”[The Drones] will deliver a payload, but it’s a payload that will only go to a target, not a person.

    “Dylan Smith, the director of the Defence and Security Programme at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, says Australia is the perfect place for the technology.”

    Australia has a lot of potential, and a lot more of it than most other countries, and that’s probably a good thing,” he told ABC News.”

    It’s not the best location to do this because there are very significant differences between Australia and many of the countries that have done this.

    “For example, Australia is much more reliant on international trade, and there are other countries that might want to do some sort of defence in Australia.”

    Smith says the US will probably continue to use its Predator drones in countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, but Australia could be a big winner.

    “What I see happening is that the US may want to shift away from their use of the Predator drones to other capabilities,” he explained.

    “If you look at some of the systems that are being developed by the US government in the US in areas like the Air Force, the US Navy, and the US Special Operations Command, those are very high tech, but if you look a little bit closer at what the Australians have developed, it’s very low tech.”

    Mr Dolan says Australia will have to be careful not to over-extend.

    “I don’t think there’s anything that we’re going to be able to do in Australia without the cooperation of the American government, but we need to be mindful of that,” he added.

    “Our capability is not only to get a drone in to a place, we have to make sure that it’s in a safe area, that it doesn’t have any sort of capability that is going to make it a potential terrorist target.”

    Derek Henson, an associate professor at the University of New South Wales who studies the Australian Defence Industry, says the Drones program is not a bad idea, but that the costs will be high.

    “A lot of this stuff is in the domain of military and intelligence, but drones, if they’re being used appropriately, are a very good way to kill terrorists,” he wrote in an email to ABC News Australia.

    “So you have to look at the potential for these kinds of technology to be used against terrorist organisations, but also against the Australian population.”

    The DARP contract will include a total of about $US2 billion.

    The DARPA contract was announced earlier this year.

    It is funded by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, which is


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