A year ago, Lexis Nexis was the best-selling brand in North America.

    Today, the company is in trouble.

    Its sales fell by more than 25 percent year-over-year.

    The loss of the brand has been a blow to the company’s prospects.

    The biggest loser: Lexis Noves, the brand that started as a company that was part of the merger that created Amazon.

    As the world’s leading retailer of books and catalogs, it has been struggling to maintain its leadership in digital sales.

    In the fourth quarter of 2018, Lexias sales fell 16 percent.

    That was the biggest drop in the company since the third quarter of 2017, when it dropped 6 percent.

    The company now expects to lose about $500 million in 2018, which is below analysts’ expectations.

    That’s a big hit for the company.

    A year before Amazon took over the US digital market, Lexas sales were up more than 90 percent, according to data from comScore.

    But in 2018 that growth was offset by a decline in Amazon’s overall market share.

    Amazon’s dominance has left many retailers, including the likes of Barnes & Noble, Target, and Sears, scrambling to make up for lost sales and revenue.

    Amazon has lost market share to rivals like Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart, which have all lost significant market share in the past five years. 

    In 2017, the year Amazon launched its e-commerce service, it sold more than 10 million items on Amazon, the biggest annual sales surge in Amazon history.

    Now, that figure has dropped to less than 2 million.

    “The year we launched, we were able to build a massive customer base that was able to purchase a lot of products online,” Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos said during a keynote address at the annual shareholder meeting.

    “Now, as we head into 2018, we have not been able to maintain that level of scale that we had hoped.”

    The company has been working on a plan to fix the problem.

    It has unveiled plans to make its eCommerce platform more streamlined and easier to use, improve customer support, and make it easier for customers to return products.

    The plan is to give shoppers more information about how their purchases work and give them more control over how their products are delivered to their doorsteps.

    But that may not be enough to revive the company — at least not yet.

    Its problems stem from a very real and serious problem: a brand is dying.

    In 2018, the average brand had about a 50 percent chance of being in the top 10 brands in the US by the end of 2021.

    In contrast, in 2017, Amazon had a 63 percent chance, according an analysis by The New York Times.

    But by 2019, the odds of being ranked in the list of top 10 brand were down to 29 percent, down from 62 percent in 2018.

    The Times analysis looked at brand rankings based on the sales of a brand in each of the top five categories.

    The top three companies in each category, according the report, were Amazon, Walmart, and Walmart Supercenters.

    The brands ranked in last place were Target, Lowe’s, and H&M.

    And in 2019, those brands accounted for just 3.4 percent of the overall market, down 1.3 percent from the previous year.

    “This year’s decline has been devastating to the brand and to the companies that build it, and it’s only going to get worse,” said David Tepper, a partner at the retail consulting firm Cushman &amp.; Wakefield.

    “If the brand can’t get back on the right path, then there is little hope for its survival.”

    Amazon is trying to fix its digital woes by bringing in an army of more than a dozen talent-focused digital strategy teams that have been building a digital strategy for the last two years.

    But those teams have yet to build out the technology and expertise to compete with Amazon’s massive data warehouse.

    And the teams haven’t been able or willing to build in new features to make their brands better.

    A number of executives from Amazon, including CEO Jeff Bezos, say they’re confident that the company can do better.

    “We think we’re on the verge of some significant, significant growth in the next five years,” Bezos said last month during a conference call with investors.

    But he acknowledged that the pace of growth is slower than he expected.

    “You have to be a little bit cautious about saying, ‘We’re on a fast track to the moon,'” he said.

    “I think there’s a lot more that needs to be done.”

    Amazon’s digital strategy is focused on building the infrastructure that stores and delivers products online.

    Amazon does this by creating its own digital catalogs and catalog management system, called Amazon S3, that it has partnered with companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

    It also has its own delivery service,


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