In a nutshell, you get two pairs of the CiprodEX, a mesh skirting pad with a soft, non-slip rubber pad on the underside.

    And you get a pair of the $50,000 CiproFlex pads, which are designed to protect the underside of the skirting pads from the elements.

    The pads also come with a two-piece set of skirting protection clips, a little thing called a “pouch,” which hold the pads together in case you want to remove them for cleaning or to use for your own use. 

    I got the CIPEX in white, which I can’t say is the most popular color, but I’ll take it.

    The Ciprobexs are really comfortable, and the padded design is great for skirting and holding up the pad.

    I think the CinqExs will last longer than the Cxs because they’re made of a softer, softer material that is very absorbent.

    The pads are designed for the C-shape in a straight line.

    I didn’t really get to see any details on how they were designed, but the pads have a “bounce” feature that allows you to adjust the pressure level of the pads. 

    As for how long they’ll last, I have no idea.

    The pad has been around for a long time and I’ve worn it for several years now, but it’s just so comfortable and sturdy.

    The padding itself is soft, soft, and very absorbant, and I’m sure the CuproFx pads will be just as good as the CXs for longer skirting sessions.

    The only downside is that they’re $50k, so you might want to invest in some pads if you want them to last.


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