Plastic manufacturers use about 80 percent of the world’s plastics and recyclables, but waste generated from these manufacturing processes also contributes to climate change, according to a new report.

    The International Council on Clean Technologies (ICCT) estimates that plastics from the plastics industry account for up to 30 percent of global emissions.

    It said the industry’s pollution also causes climate change.

    The report, produced by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IIIS), was released on Monday.

    It found that, for every kilogram of plastic produced in the plastics business, about 7,500 kilograms of CO2 is emitted.

    That equates to a potential global carbon dioxide emissions of 4.5 billion tons annually.ICCT’s study found that plastics produced in China account for more than half of the plastic in the global supply chain.

    The report also found that in 2016, China was responsible for about 10 percent of plastic’s global production.

    China is now the world leader in plastic production, with about 70 percent of all plastic sold in the world.

    China also dominates the plastics market in the developing world, where the industry produces around 80 percent, the report found.

    In the developing nations, the majority of plastic is produced by China and India, where manufacturing practices are highly inefficient and environmental standards are not fully in place, according the report.

    China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines accounted for 60 percent of total plastic imports in 2016.

    The United States and Europe have the second and third-largest plastic production chains.

    However, the United States imports almost half of all its plastic and recycles more than 90 percent of its plastic.

    China and the United Arab Emirates, however, account for less than 10 percent and 5 percent of their plastic production and recycling respectively.

    In 2016, the combined global plastic production of China, Indonesia and India accounted for more plastic than all the other major countries combined, the ICSD said.

    The two countries were responsible for more carbon emissions than any other country.


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