Posted by Business Insider on Tuesday, December 03, 2018 06:20:14 If you want to build your dream home, you need to start somewhere.

    The answer is, you don’t.

    And you may not even be able to find a home builder that does.

    And it’s because there are only a few companies that can build houses that can sell for more than $2,000,000.

    To find a local housebuilder that will sell you the house for under $2M, you have to go online and search.

    And that’s where you come in.

    We recently had the opportunity to interview a few of the house builders who do sell these types of homes.

    So, in the interest of full disclosure, we’re doing this story as a joint venture with a homebuilder named Phoenix Manufacturing.

    They are one of the top builders of high-end homes in Phoenix.

    They also do not sell houses under $4,000M.

    And while they do offer the option of selling houses under those prices, they do not have a high inventory of homes for sale.

    And the reason they don’t is because they don, because of their own manufacturing standards.

    They have to use their own factories to build their houses.

    And because of this, they are required to sell at least 20% of their homes to a manufacturer.

    That means they have to build the house first, then pay a designer, who then assembles and sells the house.

    And the manufacturer then builds the house and sells it to the buyer.

    So the process takes about 10 to 15 days.

    Phoenix Manufacturing is one of many homebuilder companies that has been working on the design and production of high end homes for decades.

    They were founded in 1982 by former General Electric employees, including Steve Jobs.

    They have been the first company to build a home for $2.8 million.

    But they have struggled to compete in the market for high end houses, especially as the supply of affordable homes continues to grow.

    And it is not because Phoenix is an underdeveloped area.

    Phoenix is one the most densely populated cities in the United States.

    The metro area is home to nearly 1.8 billion people, and it is growing at a rate of 1.9% annually.

    And Phoenix is home a huge portion of the population.

    So it has an ample supply of cheap housing, and in turn, it has a large number of people wanting to buy and live in that housing.

    That’s where Phoenix Manufacturing came into play.

    The company started out by building houses for $1.6 million in the 1970s.

    But it quickly lost its edge in the marketplace.

    But Phoenix Manufacturing is not looking to start a new company right now.

    Instead, the company wants to develop a home and build it out.

    The company has been growing at an exponential rate since 2008.

    And they are building houses that are selling for between $2 and $3 million.

    The average house that they build for $3.7 million.

    And many of these homes come with a base price of $3,400,000 to $4.4 million.

    Phoenix has also developed an app called the Phoenix House.

    The app lets you find the best home builder in Phoenix and then select the house you want.

    Phoenix Manufacturing says they will continue to add more houses to their app, so stay tuned.


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