Posted by Steve on Thursday, March 12, 2018 10:08:24The Intel microprocessor chips that are used to power many modern home computers are manufactured in China, a major supplier to Intel and one of the world’s top makers of chips for the company’s Xeon chips.

    That means that, when it comes to home electronics, China is a major producer.

    Intel has been making chips for home use for more than 20 years, but the microprocessor maker is now using the same manufacturing process that it used to build chips for personal computers.

    The change was made in March, when Intel launched a new line of Xeons called Xeon E3-1200v5.

    It was a big deal because Intel was getting ready to sell its Xeon chips to consumers.

    The new line is aimed at those who want the latest and greatest processor in the world, but it’s also an effort to keep costs down.

    That could help Intel in its bid to compete with Nvidia, which is building new chips based on the company to power its next-generation chips.

    The microprocessor company has been selling chips in the home since the mid-1980s, and its new line will make up about one-third of Intel’s home chips.

    Intel says that the new Xeon E5-2600 v5 chip, for example, is capable of processing more than 8.5 teraflops of instructions per second, more than the Xeon E7-2650v5 chip.

    That is a significant leap from the current Xeon E2-2660v5 that Intel uses to run its home PCs.

    The company also says that it has made improvements to the Xeon-based processors that run the Xeon chips in its servers, networking and embedded chips.

    Those new chips, Intel says, can do up to a quarter of the tasks the company previously could do.

    In the past, Intel has been using its Xeon chip production to help pay for the costs of developing and selling its processors.

    But as Intel has moved into the home, it has moved away from that model, and that is making it harder for it to keep up.

    The company has not yet released an estimate for the cost of making chips in homes.


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