The future is here, and that means a new kind of living.

    With a new, more advanced version of the RV, a new set of features and a new type of life.

    This new technology and process have been tested and perfected over the last year in the Rv industry and now are finally ready for the big day.

    The RVs are still a little rough around the edges.

    They still have their problems and some of them have a long way to go, but the technology is there, and they can now be the next great trendsetter in the market. 

    In this exclusive interview with, RVs CEO David Riedel talks about what the future is like, how this new RV can bring us the next revolution, and the new challenges he and the team are facing to bring the Rvs to a new level. 


    Com: What is the R-Series?

    RVs is an RV company and we have been manufacturing and marketing RVs since 2006.

    It was one of the first RVs brands to truly capture the attention of the consumer and the RV industry. 

    David Riedels: The R-series is a new RAV family that has a new take on the classic RAV concept, and we’ve been working on this RAV since June of 2016.

    We’re in the final stages of getting our first production unit built.

    It’s a fully custom RAV with everything you would want in a fully-custom RAV, including a custom chassis, a custom wheel, custom bumper, custom hood, and even a custom bed. 

    What do we do differently?

    David Riesels: In the last few years we’ve learned a lot. 

    The biggest change we’ve made is we’ve built a chassis for the RAV.

    It is a completely custom chassis.

    It has a unique shape, it’s very lightweight, and it’s built for an RAV that has never been done before. 

    It is a very small footprint, but that is only part of the reason it’s special.

    We have a lot of room in the front of the chassis to make it really stand out, so we’ve added extra padding to the front to make sure that you’re going to have room in your truck for all of your electronics. 

    We also added a custom wheelset, custom bodywork, custom fender flares, and a custom fenders. 

    How is the design of the new RVs different from the old RVs?

    David: It is very different.

    The original RVs were all based on the same basic chassis and we wanted to make them really stand apart from one another.

    The new Rv models are a little more custom, but they still share the same base design. 

    I think the biggest difference is that the new design is more refined.

    It takes a more classic design and makes it really unique. 

    Where does the RVR market fit in the RV market?

    DavidRiedel: The RV market is a really strong segment, and as a RV brand, we’re really excited to be part of that market.

    We believe that we have the opportunity to expand and expand the market for RVs to really be a great place to be. 

    If we can do that, we think that the RV space will be a big one, and one that we can grow and grow. 

    Why RVs, not RV-X? 

    David: RV-X was our first attempt at a full custom RV.

    We didn’t go with the same concept that we did with R-V, so the new chassis is very refined. 

    When we started the RVS brand, I knew we wanted something that was going to take the ROV industry to a whole new level, and RVs really is a perfect fit for that. 

    You can expect to see this new model come to market in 2019, but before then, we are working with a number of other RV brands to create the RVP model that will be built for the RV enthusiast and will be on the market in 2021. 

    Who are some of the companies that are helping to bring this RVs technology to market?

    DavidRiedels has been a leader in the truck market for a long time, but it’s not until the RIV that he really made an impact in the vehicle industry.

    In 2002, he founded the company RVs that is still in business today.

    In 2005, he bought the rights to the RV brand and made the decision to bring RVs into the RV and vehicle industry in 2006. 

    He has been involved in several other companies, and now he is looking to take RVs even further in the future.

    RVs was also the first brand to offer an all-in-one truck bed that was built for RV use. 

    For the RVI model


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