The death penalty in Wisconsin is getting more expensive and more difficult to execute as the state’s legislature and governor have begun to grapple with a surge in capital cases.

    A new bill that would allow the state to set a new execution date for a defendant has been approved by the state senate and awaits the approval of the governor.

    The Senate approved the bill last month by a vote of 34-14, and the governor has until the end of July to sign it.

    Wisconsin is one of a handful of states that have begun using a new method of lethal injection that is faster and more painful than the old method.

    But as more and more people are executed in Wisconsin, the cost of the new method is becoming increasingly apparent.

    In the state, the state currently has a $1.3 million execution bill.

    In 2016, the death penalty cost the state $3.1 million.

    That is an increase of $1,000 per execution, according to the Wisconsin Coalition for Death Penalty Alternatives.

    This is not the first time the state has faced a cost increase.

    In 2013, Wisconsin’s new execution method cost the legislature $2.6 million.

    And in 2012, the legislature approved a new lethal injection method costing the state nearly $8 million.

    Wisconsin has more than 30 death row inmates and only one death row inmate currently on death row, and it is expected that at least another two inmates will be on death rows by the end at least the end for 2018.

    This isn’t the first case of the state having to find a new way to execute its inmates.

    In 2018, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation began testing a new death-penalty method called a “compact lethal injection” that was less painful than using a lethal injection machine.

    A study released by the Department of Justice last year estimated that the new lethal injections were less expensive than lethal injections performed using the old, outdated method.


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